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Whether you’re tackling a kitchen remodel or staring new construction, it is important to work with a professional kitchen designer. An expert will use their education, cabinet knowledge, and experience to help you avoid common mistakes that could cost you time and money down the road.

A kitchen designer will listen to your style preferences and incorporate those into a design that works for your space. An experienced designer will consider all the details that will make the finished look complete and aesthetically pleasing, while also increasing the functionality of your new kitchen.

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Jessica M.


I graduated from Purdue with a Bachelor’s in Retail Management. A few years later, I opted to pursue a more creative field, and sought my Bachelor’s in Interior Design at The Art Institute of Indianapolis. While in school, I also worked as a Kitchen Designer for The

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Lin Lin on

We had a great experience with 爱游戏网址|爱游戏投注|爱游戏官网首页.com. I saw the cabinets my friends ordered from them and it was much superior quality than the ones I saw in local

Adriana L.


I graduated from the University of Maine at Augusta with a Bachelor’s in Studio Art. I spent part of my college years in Jingdezhen, China where I was exposed to a whole new style of architecture. When I returned from my study abroad, I started working for Lowe’s Home

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Lane H

I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it was working with Adrianna. My husband and I purchased a house in North Carolina as a second home. When the water

Danny W.


I have had a lifelong interest design and have been designing and selling cabinets for 17 years. My experience includes working for home builders and remodeling companies, managing cabinet design and supervising installations. I worked directly with clients,

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Kenneth W. on

This will be my third project with 爱游戏网址|爱游戏投注|爱游戏官网首页.Com and Designer Danny W. I’ve done two big kitchen renovations plus a master bath. The customer service has been

Chelsea B.


I graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s in Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management with a focus in Kitchen & Bath design. After graduating, I spent a year at a family owned remodeling firm. I created cabinetry layouts, conducted on-site measures,

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Tammy A on Facebook

Chelsea was an amazing designer to work with during a remodel of a home and needed cabinets throughout the home. She was patient, thorough and gave me

Ashlee B.


I graduated from Baker College in Michigan in 2012 with my associate’s degree in interior design as well as obtaining a Kitchen and Baths Certificate (CKBD). After graduating I worked at a custom cabinet shop where I worked for 3-1/2 years as a 2020 designer. 

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Melanie W on Facebook

I’ve been working with Ashlee on a kitchen “rip & replace” in our 106-year-old home and couldn’t be happier. We are really looking forward to our 爱游戏网址|爱游戏投注|爱游戏官网首页.com kitchen!

Travis A.


I have been in the cabinet and design industry since 2009, including as a Design and Sales Lead over 9 full-service cabinetry showrooms. In this role I was able to share my passion for design with my customers and I honed my technical design skills..

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Lloyd Anthony on Facebook

Our experience has been wonderful! The navy color is exactly what we were looking for! Travis from the design team was very helpful and drew up beautiful plans taking

Suzanne R.


I graduated from the San Juan School of Interior Design in 2004. While in school, I found my passion for kitchen design and knew this was the design specialty I wanted to pursue. Shortly after I graduated, I got a job as a kitchen design specialist.

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Alison W on Facebook

Once I had ordered my kitchen cabinets, I was filled with doubt as to whether I had made the right decision. It seemed so easy, sent my design idea and

Brittany H.


I attended the International Academy of Design & Technology in 2009 to study for my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. While attending design school, I interned for a local Interior Design firm and started a part-time job in the cabinet design industry. I began attending seminars and online classes to learn cabinetry basics as I found kitchen and bath design was my true interest.

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Lois H. on Facebook

We had a great experience designing our kitchen with Brittany’s help. She found solutions for each of our concerns and sent us updated plans quickly each time

Holly K.


I received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Florida. After doing social work for a few years I decided to pursue interior design as I’ve been decorating and arranging furniture since I was very young.

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Joe on

Holly is amazing, her designs knock it out of the park every time that we use her expertise. This historic bungalow had a very challenging kitchen layout and it took a


A kitchen designer is a designer who specializes in using cabinets like pieces of a puzzle to create a functional layout to fit the constraints of your space A kitchen designer is often well versed in appliances, countertops, plumbing fixtures, flooring, backsplash materials, lighting, hardware and basic installation concepts.

Working with a 爱游戏网址|爱游戏投注|爱游戏官网首页.com Designer gives you the opportunity work with one of the best designers in the industry. Every Designer comes to us with several years of industry experience and a passion for doing what they do! Our Designers will have an initial consultation with you to find out what’s important to you, how they can cater the design towards your wants and needs, and work within your budget. Once your design is complete, they will provide you with a comprehensive design packet including a detailed floorplan, elevations, and 3-D renderings of the expected finished look, along with an itemized quote for all the pieces you will need for your project. Our Designers are here to answer your questions, to educate you, and confirm if your expectations are realistic.


A functional kitchen layout should cater to the needs of the homeowner, while still incorporating as many of the follow elements

  • Proper flow from one work center to the next (work triangle)
  • Work aisle and walkway clearance
  • Adequate storage for items such as pots and pans, trash receptacle, utensils, dishtowels
  • Clearance for appliance door or drawer openings, and cabinets around them
  • Proper ventilation placement and avoids any potential fire hazards


A small kitchen space works best with smaller scale appliances, to allow room between work centers and leave room for functional cabinet storage. A small kitchen space needs to take every available inch into consideration, taking advantage of the ceiling height by using taller wall cabinets or using an increased depth wall cabinet.


1. Obtain floorplan measurements of your space, including the location of windows, doors and appliances, as well as appliance size. If you’re using an architectural print, it is important to have interior measurements easily legible on the print.

2. If your project is a remodel, take pictures of the existing kitchen. Include any items that may need special consideration in the design such as: floor vents, soffits, and structural items that cannot be relocated.

3. 1-2 inspiration pictures to show the style or look you would like to mimic in your space. (Need inspiration? – check out our gallery).

4. Make specific notes on items you do or don’t want in your design. Maybe you prefer drawers over rollout trays for pots and pans, or you want to avoid a blind corner cabinet.

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