When you need us, we’re here for you. Learn about warranties and returns, and how to submit a claim.


爱游戏网址|爱游戏投注|爱游戏官网首页.com is committed to providing high quality, robust packaging to protect your order. However, damage does happen from time to time in transit. Upon receiving your order, we recommend checking to ensure it has not encountered any unexpected damage in transit. If you do require replacements, please click the button below to Submit a Claim. If you include each SKU and corresponding photo of the damage, we will work with the manufacturer to replace the part or cabinet that has been damaged.



At 爱游戏网址|爱游戏投注|爱游戏官网首页.com, we stand behind our products, offering a limited lifetime warranty. If you have a warranty claim, please email claims@wiki-deals.com with a detailed description and pictures of the defects you are experiencing with our products. Within 72 hours (or three business days) upon receiving your email, we will let you know our decision to repair or replace the defective product. 爱游戏网址|爱游戏投注|爱游戏官网首页.com will be responsible for all shipping and handling fees if a valid claim is approved. Please review our terms for more details on your product’s warranty.


Because all of our cabinets and parts are built to order and manufactured specifically for each customer, this prevents us from being able to accept returns on cabinets or cabinet parts. However, we do accept returns on hardware, sinks, and accessories. Submit your return request here.

In the event that you require a return, please Submit your request using the link above as soon as possible. All returns must be approved by a Customer Service representative and returned within 30 days of delivery. Please reference your order number when contacting customer service, and when returning your shipment.

Please keep in mind, all returns are subject to approval by 爱游戏网址|爱游戏投注|爱游戏官网首页.com and may be denied if the product has been opened or used and is not in the original condition it was received. You will be subject to a 20% restocking fee on all items returned and will be responsible to pay the return shipping on all items returned. For more information on individual items, see our return policy.






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